Where Are You Located?

Three blocks south of University Blvd. on St. Augustine Road in Jacksonville, Florida

We invite you to bring your merchandise to our store so we can examine and price your items based on their condition and quality. We pay more for your unwanted gold, jewelry, and coins!

Why Can't You Give Estimates Over The Phone?

We are unable to give phone estimates because our sale prices fluctuate with the prices of gold and silver markets. Although there may be a general net worth for your item, condition and quality must be taken into consideration when assessing your merchandise and collectibles. 

We encourage you to bring your items to our Jacksonville, FL location so we can examine and properly value your merchandise.

Are You Open On Saturdays?

We may be open during Saturdays if we have a gold and jewelry buying event scheduled. Please check the Florida Times-Union, Section A in the paper, for weekly buying events. You may also contact our team to learn more.

We will make arrangements for a Saturday appointment if you call us first and confirm the type of merchandise you are selling. Let us know about quantity and the general condition of your items. Call our store at 904-733-1204 to set up an appointment; we will be happy to meet with you!

Contact Our Team Today!

If you have any additional questions, all you have to do is contact one of our knowledgeable representatives. Call 904-733-1204 to learn more. As always, you’re more than welcome to stop by our convenient location. Our experts are standing by to address your requests.
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